Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law encompasses a wide variety of services ranging from creating a solid foundation during transactions to litigation and trial work regarding contract disputes, foreclosure, development issues, and others. If you have questions regarding the aforementioned, speak with a responsive, experienced real estate attorney today.

Licensed In Texas, New Mexico & Illinois Real Estate Attorney
At Boltz Law, we can assist you in any residential or commercial real estate needs including acquisitions and sales, loans, leases, purchase agreements, title disputes, trespass, assessments, home owner association matters, deeds, power of attorney, closings, liens, material men and mechanics liens, and general counsel as well as litigate any problems that might arise after a purchase has been made such as non-disclosure, warranty problems, and construction defects.

Real Estate Transactions
Real estate transactions may involve complex due diligence, entitlements, drafting of covenants and other documents, and involve a large number of people and tasks. Oversights can be costly and construction liens damaging. At Boltz Law, as experienced real estate lawyers, we can protect your interests regarding leases, loans, document preparation, development and land use, and other areas. Boltz Law can prepare a promissory note, deed, deed of trust, a real estate sales contract, put a lien on a property, review and prepare an easement.

Real Estate Litigation
With decades of experience, we offer high quality legal representation in any real estate disputes including quiet title actions, boundary and easement disputes, tax disputes, title disputes, damage to real estate, sales contract disputes, escrow issues and a number of others.

Landlord Tenant, Property Management, & Landlord Attorney                                                                                   The firm reviews and prepares leases, commercial and residential leases for property. Management companies and property owners, prepares evictions, eviction appeals, recovers rent, and property damages, defends security agreement claims, litigates breach of leases and landlorn liens. Michael Boltz has been a N.A.R.P.M. (National Association of Residential Property Managers) affiliate for 10 years.   

The firm conducts foreclosures for the lenders whether they are commercial lenders such as banks or owner financed sales. When an owner wishes to foreclose on a sale of property with an owner financed sale, the firm will prepare all notices, conduct the foreclosure sale and prepare the Substitute Trustees’ Deed to return the property back to the owner.