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If you have had a death in the family, working with an experienced attorney is critical for implementing a solid estate plan. At Boltz Law, we can protect your legacy following death or incapacitation by creating a comprehensive plan to transfer your property and free your assets and inheritance from probate to your chosen loved ones.

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Boltz Law has the experience and personal care to help you with any estate planning matter including:


A Will can effectively help to reduce the burden of taxes, divide assets and designate who will receive them, give instructions regarding minor children, gifts, and even the formation of posthumous trusts. It is critical that such a document follow legal rules in order to be valid.



A Trust can replace or be created in addition to a will to help manage property during life by transferring the benefits and obligations to others. Forming a trust has a number of advantages and there are different types to fit your needs. Unlike a will, a trust is private and avoids probate. There are a number of different kinds of trusts. We can help you determine what works best for your needs.

Power of Attorney

If you are physically located where you cannot execute documents or you become unable to manage your own affairs, power of attorney designates an agent to act on your behalf. An advance directive can be provided to designate what kind of health care you would like to receive in the case of incapacitation as well as other important decisions.


The court process of assessing and administering the estate after someone’s death is called Probate. When a will is contested, it is crucial to involve the counsel of an experienced probate lawyer. We will help you to protect your rights.