Making legal decisions in business without qualified counsel can result in added costs, liability, tax problems, delay and litigation expenses down the road. Business Law Attorney Michael Boltz brings a strong business background with over 35 years of legal experience to any of your business needs, from being general counsel to the formation of limited liability companies, partnerships, corporations, and other business entities to any lawsuits and legal disputes your business might face.

Business Attorney in Texas, New Mexico & Illinois
We provide experienced and aggressive representation in any business negotiation or litigation including, but not limited to:

  • Corporation & Texas LLC formation, Texas LLC registration, Texas LLC search
  • Creation and review of legal contracts and all business documents
  • Limitations of liability
  • Buying and selling businesses
  • Representation during mergers and acquisitions
  • Breach of contract
  • Fraud and misrepresentation
  • Partnership & shareholder disputes
  • Business litigation
  • Collections
  • Asset protection

We can also provide counsel on financing, franchising, labor agreements, subsidiary agreements, non-competition agreements, corporate compliance, and any other business areas. Our vast expertise brings a comprehensive approach to our clients.